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Hollywood’s gender agenda: not just for humans

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Despite women making up more than half of the population of the United States, recent studies indicate that male characters outnumber females three to one in G-rated family movies. It also appears that things aren’t improving both on film and behind the camera in regards … Read More

‘Bad movie science’ a snooty pleasure

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Picking on the incorrect science in fiction films is a popular pastime in the science communication world. There are gagillions of websites, books and events out there that take pleasure in mocking and criticising movies for having crap physics, silly chemistry or unrealistic forensic biology … Read More

Nerds on film: the depiction of scientists in movies

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A shabby lab-coat clad boffin with greasy hair is doubled over an esoteric machine which spews out ‘special vapour’ and flouro-green death-rays. Immediately we all get the hint: he’s a scientist. Almost definitely an evil –  and probably insane – genius. We ought to be … Read More

Film review: Another Earth (2011)

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What if one day another planet appeared in the sky? How would you feel and what would you do? In 2011, two films were released that tackled the issue of the Earth coming face to face with another planet: Lars von Trier’s Melancholia and Mike … Read More

Film Review: Melancholia (2011)

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Kirstin Dunst in a still from Melancholia

In 2011 I was invited by ABC Local Radio to provide a web review of Lars von Trier’s Melancholia (2011) when it was screened as part of the 2011 Canberra International Film Festival. I’ve reposted it here as a backdrop to my review of Another Earth … Read More

Film review: Prometheus (2012)

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Prometheus is a beautiful and thrilling mess. It marks Sir Ridley Scott’s return to science fiction since Blade Runner (1982) and serves as a distant prequel to the Alien franchise he created in 1979. But unlike Alien, which had a simple but effective storyline and … Read More

Matango – Fungus of Terror

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When Matango was released in Japanese cinemas in 1963, the Atomic Age seemed to offer so much promise for a booming post-war Japan. However, it was also a paradox because the nation was still coming to grips with the science and technologies that caused so much devastation and loss less … Read More